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Feb 26 2021 - One Year Anniversary!!!

A full year of forgetting it's all a work, and going over our favorite stories in the last couple weeks!

Feb 5 2021 - The Maki Itoh Special

The BIGGEST event in wrestling to date, and Kat found a joshi wrestler that really speaks to her!

Jan 22 2021 - The Hockey Talk Episode

Kat and Erin have their hands full going over their favorite things from the last two weeks, and how Erin got into hockey and how this can be used to get into wrestling!

Jan 8 2021 - The Apotheosis of Kota Ibushi

Did Kota Ibushi ascend to Godhood, or be held back to a mere mortal? What new twist does Kenny Omega bring to AEW? Is the AEW Women's division being given a fair shake? Kat and Erin have your news and more!

Dec 18 2020 - The Markies!

It's a new annual tradition! The Markies are rewarding Kat and Erin's favourite moments of the year!

Nov 27 2020 - The Kenny Episode

Kat and Erin want to bring everyone up to date on Kenny Omega before his title shot. They bring in Charlie and Mikey from Match Club Podcast to help! It's an event!

Nov 13 2020 - The Kayfabization Episode

How did our predictions do for Full Gear? What the heck is Kayfabization? What weird tangents will we hit this week? Only one way to find out!

The Old VHS Episode

Kat and Erin are going through some of their favourite indie shows from the past week, one is spooky and one is queer

The Raw Cut Episode

Want to know what it's like to sit in on a live recording? Listen here, then join us Fridays at 7pm EST on Twitch!

Schedule Update

A brief update explaining our hiatus over the last 2 weeks. CW: Death

Sept 4 2020 - The We need to get back on track Episode

This week Kat and Erin are staying focused on the shows they meant to. Seriously. Don't give us that look!

August 14 2020 - The Kat Watched GCW Instead Episode

Kat didn't watch the product we were going to cover, and it goes weird from there.

July 31 2020 - The Apple-sode Episode

Kat and Erin's energy is all over the place this week. Try to keep up on the rants, tirades, and derailments!

July 24 2020 - The Big Return Episode

The girls are back in town! Let's catch up and go over the new show format, so we can properly mark out!

We're taking a hiatus

Content Warning for discussion of abuse. Kat and Erin are taking a hiatus so we do not take any attention away from those Speaking Out. We believe and stand with the victims and hope to see this industry we love begin a time of healing.

June 12 2020 - The Wrestling Podcast Episode

Kat and Erin try REALLY hard to stay on topic this week, but just can't seem to stay on the rails Your homework for this week, O'Shay Edwards vs Arik Royal: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kLl3agxzjQU&list=PLQHa0cuSyUj7XzICNRnn1QvyuO8hzJS2f&index Episodes of MOwMGF are recorded with a live twitch audience on Friday nights at twitch.tv/sosesmedia. Please follow us on twitter @Adorabold, @Katselesnya and @SosesMedia. Please remember to rate and review us on your podcatcher of choice and tell your friends about the podcast! All music for the show was provided by Sounds Like an Earful. You can find more music for your creative projects at SoundsLikeAnEarful.com and patreon.com/soundslikeanearful Marking Out with My Girlfriend is a production of Soses Media. Soses Media is an inclusive, queer women-owned media company that produces content by queer people.

May 28 2020 - The Beer Episode

The big PPV is done and we're moving onto new stories, and Kat talks a lot about beer

May 25 2020 - The Double Or Nothing Bonus Episode

Double or Nothing 2020 has come and gone, Kat and Erin are as hype after now as they were before. Come listen to them gush about the big night.

May 22 2020 - The Homestretch Episode

It's the day before AEW Double or Nothing, and Kat and Erin are hyped as they go over the week of last minute twists and suspense. They also make their predictions for the big show, see how they stack up to your's.

May 15 2020 - The Prerecorded Episode

The EVPs tried to bring too much AEW content to cover this week, but No Gimmicks Steph The Samurai and Erin aren't backing down!

May 8 2020 - The Chikara Episode

It's all a little bit different this week, as Kat and Erin take a journey into Chikara territory. Content Warning: At around 1:16:00 there is discussion of simulated sexual assault.

May 1 2010 - We're Going To The Finals!

Kat and Erin are almost to the finals of the TNT Title Tournament, squash matches abound, and who is going to star in this week's Booty Moments With Kat? There's only one way to find out, hit that Play button!

April 24 2020 - The Superbad Polycule Episode

#LetKipSabianAndJimmyHavocKiss but also hot sauce. You just have to listen to understand.

April 17 2020 - 199 Part 1

Kat and Erin hit on all of the emotions while going over the world of AEW this week.

April 3 2020 - The Strap On Episode

The lost Episode of Marking Out With My Girlfriend is here, and what could this title possibly be referencing?

April 10 2020 - The Squash Episode

Returning from their excursion to the Unknown Realms, Kat and Erin return to their home stomping grounds just to be beaten in less than 5 minutes.

April 6 2020 - The WrestleMania Episode

Kat and Erin travel to the distance, mysterious lands of WWE to see the Granddaddy of Sports Extertainment

March 27th 2020 - Quarantine Episode 2 - The Tangent Episode

We go on a LOT of tangents this week as we talk all about All DELETE Wrestling

March 20th 2020, The Empty Arena Episode

Kat and Erin talk about all things AEW for the week ending in the release of Animal Crossing New Horizons. Turns out we can talk about wrestling, a LOT.

March 13, 2020 - The Butt Talk Episode

Kat and Erin talk about all things AEW for the week ending on Friday March 13th. Spoilers: there's a lot of butt talk.

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